Smarter way of imparting education
Empowering educational institutions by a simple, intelligent & adaptively smart platform which provides data driven interaction between teachers and students
Aimed at improvising the way in which education is being imparted,
Comezo is a digital platform tailor made for educational institutions
Experience the power of technology to navigate through the student's progress on specific parameters and get key insights on performances to know the exact strength and weaknesses without any added effort
Adaptive content
By understanding the full range of adaptive learning models and strategies, we effectively deliver enhanced digital learning to your students
Personalised assessment
Based on student's learning pattern, our artificially intelligent engine creates personalised assessments compatible with her learning capabilities
Complete Teaching Solution
Comezo's platform builds an intelligent channel between teachers, students, admin and parents that do away with the regular traditional and time consuming process of sharing content, assessment, performance analysis and communication; taking this interaction beyond physical means. Get empowered with our technology to enjoy the faster, reliable and extremely simplified way of teaching and learning
Intelligent Teaching Assistance
Comezo's adaptive engine efficiently maps student's assessment and content with her performance level so that she improves at her own pace . Our artificially intelligent platform analyze learner's ability to adapt the course and automatically adjust questions' difficulty , thus, simplifying and evolving the process of imparting education
Explore the world of Self-competency
In this world of immense competition, student's learning is driven by competitions and deadlines thus undermining the sense of imparting quality education. Comezo provides a platform for individualistic learning where each student gauge her performance by improving upon her shortcomings at her own pace, thus improving the educational ecosystem and inculcating a tendency to attain the goals at individual's best level not in relative manner

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